2018 BIO International Convention

June 4th, 2018 to June 7th, 2018 / Events

Ubiquigent will be attending Bio 2018 (Boston, June 4th – 7th) to discuss how we enable and support ubiquitin system drug discovery.

Our biology and chemistry platforms allow us to design and develop novel compounds targeted towards ubiquitin system proteins as well as evaluate those of our partners.

We recently entered into an R&D collaboration for the development of novel deubiquitylase enzymes (DUB) inhibitors, launched the first novel compound library designed to target DUBs (with more compound libraries to follow) and have established a range of focused assay platforms to support ubiquitin system drug discovery. We are now seeking further partners interested in exploiting the ubiquitin system for therapeutic benefit either as part of R&D collaborations or where support is required from a ubiquitin system focused CRO.

Regardless of whether you’re interested in screening for a novel DUB inhibitor, a modulator of a ubiquitin ligase or wish to investigate other ubiquitin system proteins, we have the capabilities to support your research programmes.

If you’d like to meet at the conference we would be pleased to arrange a meeting either contact us directly or via the conference partnering system.